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    2024 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium

    23-25 July 2024

    The event will take place at the Federico II Congress Center, Via Partenope, 36 - Naples, Italy
  • Welcome to MoreSense

    Where multidisciplinarity meets innovation

    MoreSense is an innovative start-up company established in February 2020. We dedicate ourselves to the research and development of advanced technology solutions in the field of pollutant treatment and sensors.
  • MoreSense - pioneers for a better future

    Innovative sensors for PFAS detection

    To date, detecting these environmental contaminants is an ongoing challenge worldwide – thanks to our devices, we can detect Perfluorurates at very low concentrations on-site.
  • MoreSense - pioneers for a better future

    Innovative sensors for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2

    Equipped with innovative technology, we are creating a new generation of sensors for the Biochemical sector – our sensor can detect the virus with high precision 
  • MoreSense - pioneers for a better future

    Sensors for all fields

    With a simple modification, we can create the right sensor for every need - Our goal?

    Create IoT, low-cost, affordable sensors for rapid detection of the analyte of interest.
  • MoreSense - pioneers for a better future

    The tools

    Our instruments are easy to use, compact, and usable for everything from research to diagnosis.


High-tech sensors with diverse
applications, accessible to all

At a time in history when the global agenda requires accountability regarding the monitoring of many problematic factors, MoreSense is devoted to the research and development of advanced technology solutions in the field of sensor technology.

The company innovatively integrates several established and shared technological competencies to provide unique, highly specific and highly sensitive solutions in the detection and measurement of substances of interest.

We started from the problem of PFAs in the environment and then converted our sensors during the Covid-19 period to virus recognition, enabling us to achieve remarkable results in the medical field. Such a conversion of use has opened up endless possibilities for sensors developed which through the use of different receptors can adapt to countless uses. 

Why choose MoreSense's sensors


The modularity and flexibility of this technology allows a single instrument to be used to read several sensors in a variety of fields, all of which can be done quickly without the use of third-party laboratories.


Thanks to automation and digital processes, pollutant monitoring procedures become more immediate and transparent with MoreSense sensors. A reduction in the bureaucracy is necessary to offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency and sustainability. 


Should cost containment and reduced bureaucracy not be enough, MoreSense technology offers the opportunity to invest in innovation, a hallmark of any technology that can easily integrate into daily life. 

Why choose MoreSense's

The versatility of such technology constitutes the core of our work. The ability to adapt sensors to multiple requirements allowing to maximize its efficiency, as a single instrument can read multiple sensors intended for different needs.

The ease of use and accessibility make this technology ideal for a wide range of settings, from the research lab to the home, from the office to a contaminated site.

Finally, MoreSense’s technology combines a sustainable economic approach with sensor durability and reliability. Reduced costs and the immediacy of different analyses paint a picture of a technology that is future-oriented but has one foot in the present.

People say about us

Our customers include large companies, start-ups, research facilities, universities, and public organizations. We pride ourselves on providing each client with innovative, high-quality products and exceptional support.
We are using the instrument that MoreSense has developed to test various functionalization protocols targeted for biosensor purposes. MoreSense's instrument proves to be very versatile, is also very simple in use, and is suitable for studying biomolecular interactions then target analyte interactions in various applications.

Laura Pasquardini

-Co-founder and CEO, Indivenire Ltd.

I really believe that there is a lot to be gained from photonics. I realized the importance of having this polymer that really is the focal part of a system of measurements skills own mechanical, mixed mechanical-electronic design, etc. belong in this case also biology belong to very few companies even among semiconductors.

Bruno Murari

-Inventor - Awarded the Elmer A. Sperry 2017

Here today we are developing two eh sensors: one that is electronic and the other is optical. They're fast, they're very accurate, they're extremely selective, they're cheap, and they're remotely manageable, for example.
The methods that are used around the world today don't see under 4,000 viruses per milliliter, we see eight viruses per milliliter. So the sensitivity is extremely high, they are very very promising.

Guido Chiaretti

-Former director of new technologies STMicroelectronics

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